What to Store in Plastic Storage Containers


Plastic storage containers are the best items to store […]

Plastic storage containers are the best items to store and organize out-of-season or special clothing (such as Halloween costumes or fluffy winter sweaters). These containers are square and consistent in size, so they can be stacked in corners or on high shelves to make the most of your every inch of storage space. Plastic protects clothes from environments such as damp basements or dusty attics, and because it is transparent, you can easily remove items from the correct container without having to search around.

Here are all the ways you can make the most of plastic storage containers and trash cans in your home.
General clothing storage

The woman puts the folded clothes into the storage container.
A transparent container with a lock lid is ideal for storing clothes. It can be stored in the attic, basement or garage until the wardrobe is changed during the season. Just make sure not to store the plastic in any place that is too hot, such as a furnace or stove.

Accessories and other small objects
Plastic organizer for fixing tie
There are multiple storage options for these items. You can use accessory boxes to store scarves, gloves, hats, thick jewelry and socks, but these boxes can also hold other small items. Some ideas include gadgets, cables and wires, desktop accessories, toys, and travel toiletries.
A plastic rolling trolley can also be used to store small items such as hats, socks, accessories, or makeup. The three-drawer trolley is movable because it has wheels and can be used quickly in different spaces.

Tools, sports equipment and cleaning supplies
The garage is cluttered, including boxes and Christmas lights.
Since these items tend to be heavy, use these more durable plastic containers to store them in your garage, patio, shed, or any other outdoor storage space you own. This will protect these items and be close to where you actually use them.

Organize files
Plastic container for organizing documents
An oversized file suitcase should be large enough to hold files for a family of up to two people. Once you start adding new people, you may need to upgrade to the actual filing cabinet.

Holiday decorations, outdoor entertainment and large kitchen supplies
Plastic box with decorations
A good multi-purpose storage option for these items is a 22-gallon plastic storage container. They are spacious enough to fit more than one hat; at the same time, they are small and easy to carry.
The size also ensures that you will not reduce the weight of the container to the point where it is unsafe to unload it from a high shelf.

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