What are the purchasing skills of plastic storage boxes


1. Material, the first choice of plastic storage box is […]

1. Material, the first choice of plastic storage box is to judge from the material. The important thing for plastic material is to choose safe and non-toxic materials. If the material department is environmentally friendly, it will cause harm to us. You cannot choose plastic storage boxes of this material. In the market, two materials, PP and PE, are usually used to make storage boxes. PP is polypropylene, a very light plastic material.

2. Styles. There are two main styles of plastic storage boxes, one of which is the shape of a large box with a lid. Generally, there are handles on the left and right sides for easy transportation. These plastic boxes are mainly used to store clothes and bedding. Depending on the size and size, you can sort the clothes in different thicknesses. This storage box can also be used in the bathroom to store clothes that need to be changed.

3. Dimensions Before buying a storage box, be sure to look at the size of the space under the bed, especially the height between the floor and the bed board, and measure it carefully to avoid the storage box is too high, otherwise it will not fit in.

4. Storage items Before choosing a storage box, you must first think about the items you plan to store. For example, if you want to store clothes, because you are worried about getting dust, you should choose a tightly sealed storage box with a lid. If you are storing toys, you can switch to a drawer-type storage box, so that children can directly open the drawer, pick up and pack the children's toys by themselves, without pulling out the entire box.
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