What are the functions of the family storage box?


Because every family has some trivial things to store a […]

Because every family has some trivial things to store and organize, so in order to be more tidy and clean, the home must have a storage box. Organizing things in life is often a headache. Storage boxes can help us solve this problem. Next, we will introduce the role of household storage boxes.

To a certain extent, storage cabinets can decorate the home environment and effectively use space. It can 1. Effective use of space; 2. Reasonably sort and collect items to facilitate searching; 3. The style of the storage cabinet matches the style of home improvement to beautify the overall decoration.

1. Underwear or cosmetic storage-bamboo charcoal underwear storage box

Most of the custom-made wardrobes now have drawer grids. The interior is a few rectangles of similar size separated by templates. The number ranges from 9 to 15, which is very convenient for storing underwear and socks. But what about the old-fashioned wardrobe? This is not difficult for the smart Chinese. The underwear storage box is a storage box that has the same function as the drawer grid. The cost is lower than the drawer grid, and it is also movable. It is the best alternative for families without drawer grids.
The storage box with bamboo charcoal cloth is more hygroscopic and antibacterial than ordinary non-woven storage boxes, allowing you to bid farewell to the peculiar smell of mothballs and the troubles of dust, which can protect underwear hygiene. Use it to store underwear or cosmetics so that they are neatly placed. The transparent visible film can clearly see the contents of the box, and the zipper design will have better airtightness.

2. Commonly used clothes are stored in layers-three-piece storage box

The small things that are used every day are always a headache to find. They will be crushed under the big clothes and hidden tightly. The two-piece storage box can classify and place the small items at home to achieve a good storage effect. It can be hung in the closet or in the living room. While making full use of the space, it has a certain decorative effect, which saves you the trouble of rummaging through the cabinets to find small objects.

3. Socks storage-compartmentalized sorting box

Every family has all kinds of stockings, tube socks, socks, and long cotton gloves. You always have to sort them out? This requires a sorting box to help. The material is non-woven fabric, which has environmental protection characteristics. After special treatment, it is dustproof, antibacterial and deodorant, allowing you to use it with confidence and convenient access.

4. Dirty clothes storage-dirty clothes basket

Some changed clothes will have a peculiar smell when placed in the washing machine, so temporarily store them in this dirty clothes basket. They are cute, generous, practical and convenient. There are elastic travellers in the cloth bucket, and the outer cover is high-quality pure cotton cloth. The lid is equipped with a zipper to prevent mildew and dust. It can be used to store toys and sundries, and it can also be used as a dirty clothes bucket. And its beautiful appearance makes it not only practical but also fashionable when placed at home, which can be called a landscape at home. At the same time, it is also a space magician, and can be folded up without taking up any space.

5. Book and magazine storage-waterproof non-woven newspaper and magazine box

Newspaper and magazine storage box with pulleys, and the pulleys can be removed freely. With bright colors and fashionable styles, it is not only a good home decoration, but also a good helper for storage. Usually at home, magazines and newspapers are always placed randomly after reading them, and they are not found when they want to read them again. With this storage box, you can look at it whenever you want, and there are two pockets on each side of the storage box, so you can also store small items.

6. Stool storage box-octagonal storage stool

This storage stool has a simple shape and a warm and cute design. It can be used as a stool or it is convenient for you to collect and organize various sundries. While making full use of the space, it also has a certain decorative effect.

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