Tidy dressing table, cosmetic storage box to organize


So how to make use of effective space to store cosmetic […]

So how to make use of effective space to store cosmetics neatly and beautifully, while still being easy to take and use? Why don't you get these storage tips now and beautify your dressing table!

Made of plastic, multi-functional rotating frame + multi-compartment design, can store all types of cosmetics as a whole, from various large bottles to medium-sized perfume bottles and takes up less space, which is very suitable for compact spaces.

The transparent and dust-proof net red makeup case. The top of the case is divided into compartments. It is neat and orderly, can be easily moved, can be easily accessed, and the bottom is thickened, making it more durable.

Layered and large capacity, storage capacity is easily visible, and space freedom is realized. It comes with a lever, which can be adjusted by 150° and can be moved forward. It is suitable for eye makeup and other places that require details.

A total of four light effects can be adjusted to illuminate your beauty. The dust-proof and moisture-proof transparent window is clear at a glance.

Made of selected high-quality materials, dust-proof and moisture-proof, and diversified storage. It has good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and will not be oxidized and corroded by air, resulting in yellowing. Drawer design, intimate compartment design, easy to store items, crystal texture handle, transparent, delicate and elegant.

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