The closet drawers store good things, and the invisible places should not be messy


Wardrobes and drawers, even if they are custom-made fur […]

Wardrobes and drawers, even if they are custom-made furniture, it is impossible to make the internal space 100% in line with the user's habits. Therefore, in future use, we still need some auxiliary tools to keep the interior of the storage space tidy.

Stacking storage: In the closet, there is often a relatively large gap between the shelf and the shelf. We usually stack clothes, which is not easy to find, and it is difficult to fill these gaps, which is very wasteful. So you need some auxiliary tools that can be stacked in these gaps:

The partition, the effect is similar to the shelf on the wardrobe. The difference is that the partitions here are made of plastic and do not need to be punched during fixing. Using partitions, a higher space can be cut into multiple low spaces. The disadvantage is that it is more troublesome to install, and the cabinet will be deformed after a long fixed time. Good for temporary use

The drawer storage basket has two uses. The first is to cut a large space into multiple small spaces. The second is to change the vertical stacking method to a drawer type, which will be very convenient to use. In comparison, this storage basket is more suitable for daily use than the above partition.

Drawer-type storage boxes are generally made of plastic, that is, the main part of the storage basket is replaced with plastic or fabric material. This sorting box is more regular than the storage basket, but it also takes up more space.

Drawer storage: drawers, especially some relatively large drawers. There are usually many kinds of sundries inside. If you don't sort them, it will be very troublesome the next time you find them. The purpose of the drawer storage tool is to facilitate classification. Of course, to a certain extent, it also helps to fix the debris and prevent the debris from shaking back and forth.

The honeycomb partition divides the internal space of the drawer into a honeycomb shape by a plastic partition. The disadvantage is that the size of each part is the same. It is okay to store things of uniform size such as panties and socks, otherwise it is prone to problems that large items cannot fit and small items are dissatisfied.

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