Plastic Boot Trays For the Medical Field


Plastic foot trays are a standard fixture at most local […]

Plastic foot trays are a standard fixture at most local car wash and detailing shops. They serve a number of purposes, keeping equipment clean, hygienic and free from debris that might otherwise accumulate. The plastic surface of the trays is made of compressed plastic so it can withstand being dropped or banged without harming its surface. They also protect the foot and leg areas of service staff from dirt and grease. These protective trays are designed to fit snugly against the floor of the area where they are used. They are then secured with a few metal clips and fastened with ties.

Boot trays are designed to help keep equipment clean and dry by containing any leaking that might occur, preventing oil, dirt and moisture from penetrating the surface of the equipment. They help to prevent the formation of mold and mildew, limiting the growth of bacteria. Because plastic is non-porous, these trays offer the best resistance to water damage and stains. For this reason, they are regularly used in industrial cleaning applications.

Boot trays are not just for auto detailing facilities, they are also useful for a wide variety of commercial cleaning applications. Some manufacturers produce plastic trays that are flexible enough to be used in machinery such as vacuum cleaners. This versatile material allows for the easy installation of flexible plastic sheets in a wide range of industrial equipment. Flexible plastic trays resist damage caused by liquids, protecting the expensive parts of equipment from moisture.

Flexible plastic trays are often used on vehicles that can handle a lot of abuse, such as trucks. The heavy duty plastic trays provide the right level of protection against grease, dirt and corrosion for this type of heavy use equipment. While the thick plastic may seem more prone to damage than less heavy duty plastic, this extra layer of protection is invaluable when it comes to keeping the vehicles looking their best and operating efficiently. In addition, durable plastic trays allow workers to use specialized cleaning solutions without having to worry about damaging the surface underneath.

The plastic trays that can be found in hospitals and medical facilities need to have a high degree of flexibility to withstand all the abuse that they are likely to endure. The thick plastic that is used to line medical equipment provides a protective barrier between the patient and the device, preventing harm from any type of spill or leak. Because plastic trays have to remain flexible in order to support an array of weight restrictions, many manufacturers choose to produce plastic trays with CCA foam inserts. This type of foam provides the additional layer of cushioning and abrasion resistance necessary to make plastic boot trays an effective and efficient cleaning tool.

Boot trays are not only made to fit automotive equipment, they are also manufactured to fit construction equipment and even pneumatic tools. Since plastic trays come in a wide range of sizes, they can even be custom sized to fit machines that are extremely large or awkward in size. Many manufacturers choose to customize their plastic trays so that they can be used for applications that require a higher level of cleaning efficiency, such as an auto shop or a hospital setting. When shopping for a plastic tray, it is important to consider the amount of use that it will get and the type of environment that it will be placed in. By taking all of these factors into consideration, you will be able to find the plastic trays that will not only look good but will perform to the best of its ability.

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