Material introduction of multi-layer plastic drawer cabinet Plastic drawer cabinet characteristics


Multi-layer plastic drawer, as the name suggests, one a […]

Multi-layer plastic drawer, as the name suggests, one aspect is to choose storage cabinets made of plastic as raw materials. On the other hand, they have many functional panel designs, which can be divided into different categories to summarize some fragmentary things, and The plastic itself is moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosion. It is a good suggestion to use it in the kitchen or bathroom. There are also various patterns and patterns for our reference.

1. Introduction to multi layer plastic drawer

Plastic chest of drawers is a good helper for home storage. Plastic chest of drawers is a box or box specially used to organize messy items in terms of its functionality. It is generally produced with safe and non-toxic PP material. It has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, oil stain resistance, non-toxic and odorless, convenient cleaning, convenient parts turnover, neat stacking, and easy management. If the plastic drawer is properly matched, it is not only a very powerful and practical storage tool, but also a good decoration.

2. Material of multi layer plastic drawer

Current plastic drawer storage boxes are generally made of PP plastic, PP plastic, chemical name: polypropylene PP is a crystalline polymer, PP is the lightest of the commonly used plastics, with a density of only 0.91g/cm3 (smaller than water ). Among general-purpose plastics, PP has the best heat resistance, and its heat distortion temperature is 80-100°C, which can be boiled in boiling water. PP has good stress cracking resistance and high bending fatigue life. It is commonly known as "100% plastic". The comprehensive performance of PP is better than that of PE. PP products have light weight, good toughness, and good chemical resistance. In daily life, the commonly used plastic drawer storage box is made of PP material.

Third, the characteristics of multi layer plastic drawer

There are many materials for plastic drawer storage boxes, some of which are transparent and compact, just like shoe boxes. This plastic drawer storage box is very popular now.

Most girls will have a lot of beautiful shoes. Put them directly in the shoe cabinet. It is inevitable that there will be dust. Put them in the shoe box. It is hard to find when you want to wear them. Especially now that the pace of life is so fast, you are rushing to work in the morning. Can’t find the shoes you want to wear, are you impatient? Now I recommend a very ideal product to all MM. Transparent shoe box-plastic drawer storage box. With her, you can solve the problem. Let your shoes be clear at a glance. The cleanliness of the shoes, the neatness of the cabinets. The transparent shoe box is made of food grade PP plastic, which has the characteristics of solidity, firmness and toughness. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional shoe boxes such as being easy to be damp, afraid of deformation, inconvenient to carry, and invisible from the appearance of shoes. The characteristic is that the upper and lower covers are connected in one body, snap-locked, with movable handles that go into the groove, convenient to carry, beautiful in appearance, and in line with the new trend. Its transparency can effectively display the shoes inside, thus greatly increasing the ornamental.

The descriptions and precautions for multi-layer plastic drawer recommended for everyone above tell us that, on one hand, the design of multi-layer plastics makes them strong and reliable, waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, even if they are placed in the bathroom. To achieve the storage effect, it is not easy to be damaged in the later stage. On the other hand, various multi-layer plastic drawer storage cabinets, because of the division of functional sections, improve the efficiency of space utilization, and it is easier to find later.

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