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Core Tip: In Taizhou, especially Huangyan, the plastic […]

Core Tip: In Taizhou, especially Huangyan, the plastic mold industry has become one of the local characteristic industries. After dozens of groping, the production enterprises and self-employed people have broken through the difficulties of independent brand design and recruitment, and pushed the industry development to a new level. And gradually grasped the industry standard discourse right in China.
 Hangers, tooth cups, trash cans, plastic pots... These plastic products have become an indispensable commodity in life.
    In Taizhou, especially Huangyan, the plastic mold industry has become one of the local characteristic industries. After dozens of groping, the production enterprises and self-employed people have broken through the difficulties of independent brand design and recruitment, and pushed the industry development to a new level. The domestic industry has mastered the right to speak in the industry.
    Recently, the reporter visited the Taizhou plastic mold industry and visited the development road of “the hometown of plastic molds in China”.
    Production and sales are considerable, but it’s hard to hide under the aura.
    According to relevant statistics, at present, Huangyan has more than 6,300 molding and related supporting enterprises, with an annual output value of over 30 billion yuan. It is one of the three major mold industry bases in the country. The industrial cluster ranks in the forefront of the country and has the “hometown of plastic molds in China”. The name of the. While actively occupying the domestic market, Huangyan molding industry is committed to “going out”, and many products are exported to Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, Myanmar, Vietnam and other regions and countries.
    Huangyan produces a wide range of moldings, ranging from button caps to car bumpers and oversized plastic sinkers, covering areas such as daily necessities, building materials, home appliances, automobiles, and electric vehicles. Many of the plastic products purchased in the lives of ordinary people come from Huangyan.
    However, when Huangyan's molding industry moved forward drastically, its shortcomings of the industry also emerged one by one: few varieties, low quality, lack of independent design of the brand, and difficulty in recruiting workers... The development of the industry was constrained.
    In order to solve this problem, this year, Huangyan District has put forward a call to foster the “seven hundred billion” industry to promote the high-quality development of regional economy. The plastics industry is one of them. At the same time, Huangyan District also issued the "Taizhou mold and plastics industry cultivation work program" "Huangyan District molding industry cultivation program" and other documents to encourage and support enterprises to become bigger and stronger.
    Taking this opportunity, many companies have developed new products and introduced new technologies, and are committed to promoting industrial optimization and upgrading. As a result, Huangyan plastic molds have entered a new stage of development.
    [Enterprise sample]
    28 years of operation, small workshops turned into big companies
    A few days ago, the reporter went to Taizhou Huangyan Feida Sanhe Plastic Products Co., Ltd. on the Huangjiao Road, and met the founder and hepherd of the "Feida Sanhe" - Guan Changguo. With many years of experience in the production of plastic products, Guan Changguo has developed the “Feida Sanhe” from the initial small workshop to the large-scale enterprises with complete products in the local industry with the spirit of conscientiousness, never giving up and innovation. .
    Speaking of "Feida Sanhe", we must start from 28 years ago. In 1990, in the iron shed of Guan Changguo's own house, accompanied by the operation of three injection molding machines, the small workshop of plastic products showed the original appearance.
    In the past 28 years, the small workshop has undergone several changes, and it has become a large-scale enterprise with a total area of ​​80 sets of professional machines such as sewing machines, punching machines and presses. The "Feida Sanhe" has been named in Taizhou and even the whole country.
    "More than 20 years ago, there was no mature business model in this industry. Everyone was 'Tuba Road'. When the market was set up, they would wait for the local merchants to purchase." Recalling the sensation of the year, Guan Changguopo For the emotion.
    After this, "Feida Sanhe" followed the development of the industry. In 2000, it ended the state of “sitting and drinking” and began to enter supermarkets, shopping malls, and set up counters. In 2005, it began to engage in exports, and its products began to be sold all over the world. In 2016, the “Internet economy” express train was used to develop electricity. Business platform is a brand new sales channel...
    “Our company is actually a microcosm of the development of the industry.” Guan Changguo said that from a small workshop with only a dozen workers, to a large-scale enterprise with more than 600 employees, he witnessed together with “Feida Sanhe”. The rapid development of Huangyan plastic mold industry for more than 20 years.
    Technological innovation, promote enterprise transformation and upgrading
    In more than two decades, the market and user demand have changed rapidly. Enterprises have broadened a production line, allowing consumers to choose one more way, which is to let them have one more way out. In 2008, Guan Changguo expanded the industrial chain of enterprises, involving plastics, fabrics and hardware daily products.
    From the tooth cup to the trash can, from the storage bag to the vertical hanger, but the daily necessities used at home, "Feida Sanhe" is doing. Nowadays, the product display area of ​​“Feida Sanhe” has already displayed nearly 800 pieces of large and small items.
    “When I first entered the business, the customer wanted a cup, and we made a cup that could satisfy the demand for drinking water.” Guan Changguo said, now that more than 20 years have passed, the customer has another cup, but the cup is required to meet the drinking water. In addition to the basic functions, the cup is also required to be aesthetic and artistic, and even has a demand for quality and brand.
    “This requires our company to have stronger independent design and innovation capabilities.” Guan Changguo told reporters that under the influence of the market, “Feida Sanhe” took off the hat of “imitation” and focused on innovation and upgrading of products. .
    How can we make "Fei Da San He" have its own brand? Guan Changguo believes that technical talent is the key. Therefore, he formed a design team of 15 professional R & D personnel, and now has more than 100 patents. This team has also become the basis and power of the “Fei Da San He” transformation and upgrading.
    Among the many patented products, Guan Changguo is most proud of its own indoor trash cans, which are among the best in the country in terms of quality and sales. "A dozen years ago, I went to Japan, Europe and the United States for business trips, and saw that their garbage sorting work was done very well. I think garbage sorting is a big trend. Five years ago, 'Feida Sanhe' began to produce sorting trash cans. Guan Changguo said that the country is now fully implementing the waste sorting work, which shows that its previous decision is correct.
    In the process of enterprise development, recruiting people has become a problem of “Feida Sanhe”.
    "In the past two years, recruiting people is really difficult." Guan Changguo revealed that this problem has been a common problem faced by the local industry. In order to solve this problem, the "machine substitution" automation technology has begun to be applied to actual production.
    Scientific and technological innovation, "machine substitution", while achieving the "Fei Da San He" floating red performance, also effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of Huangyan plastic mold industry.

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