Home furnishing market development trend


With the continuous urbanization process and the rising […]

With the continuous urbanization process and the rising purchasing power of residents, China's household products industry continues to develop. It is expected that the household goods market industry in the first quarter of 2019 will be in a stable stage. The following is an analysis of the development trend of the household goods market.

The household industry refers to the sum of basic daily necessities and living tools necessary for the daily life of the family. It usually includes six categories: furniture, home decoration, fabric, catering, jewelry and daily use. The household goods industry belongs to the consumer products industry category. At present, the main consumer products industry category includes many mature consumer industries such as catering, clothing, packaged food and beverages, in addition to the household goods industry. Household goods industry analysis, household items as a kind of daily consumer goods, closely related to the macroeconomic environment.

In addition to the beauty and chic, home accessories add fun, but also emphasize the practicality, beautiful and unique shape still exists. Analysis of the development trend of the household goods market, beautiful and useful, beautiful and interesting, has become an additional prerequisite.

Into the home furnishing sales department of major shopping malls, outside the old faces you will see more fashion brands launch their own home accessories. In other words, many people have become accustomed to buying all kinds of fashion brands. Many fashion brands also

Fashion home accessories began to appear. Domestic home furnishing stores should focus on cultivating brands after they are big and special. Only in this way can they compete with international home furnishing brands and win more markets.

In today's highly sought after green environment, people are increasingly calling for pure natural green furnishings, and the natural and fresh decoration style has become fashionable, which makes today's home accessories tend to be fresh, natural, simple, and even original game. Analysis of the development trend of household products market, such as iron, wood, straw products, materials, generally wood, wicker, reeds and bamboo, can be said to be green and environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly crafts accessories become consumers High pursuit.

With the re-distribution of the global economy, China's home furnishing industry continues to develop, and the production and trade volume of textiles, clothing and household goods, plastic products and furniture products, including household products, continues to expand. From 2010 to 2017, the national textile, clothing and household goods wholesale volume increased from 122.221 billion yuan to 3.5191.17 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 19.28%. In 2018, the export of plastic products including household items reached 37.569 billion. In the US dollar, the compound growth rate of exports from 2010 to 2018 reached 10.51%; in 2018, China's furniture industry exports amounted to 49.038 billion US dollars.

In general, the household goods industry is a large scale, but the size of the individual economy is called a “huge” enterprise. With the acceleration of industry integration, some enterprises have begun to expand their scale and engage in multi-field industries with the capital accumulated in the industry for many years. In the future development of the industry, large groups will become more and more common. The above is the development trend of household products market. Analyze everything.

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