Five-layer assembled cabinet with wooden roof


Introduction of TAIZHOU INFO PLASTIC MOULD CO.,LTD five […]

Introduction of TAIZHOU INFO PLASTIC MOULD CO.,LTD five-layer assembled cabinet with wooden roof:

  1. Five floors, multi-capacity and large space

  2. Aluminum composite structure reinforcement is not easy to deform

   3. Beautiful appearance, safe and secure

product features:
Are the large and small plastic cabinets on the market always unable to meet your needs? A small living environment? I always want to store the home well. At this time, I really want a storage cabinet with large storage and more capacity to make the environment better. Good! Now recommend you this wooden roof five-layer assembly cabinet! Increase the space, more capacity, single-draw 30L can store more things, storage of cool quilt, winter quilt is not a problem! The width can accommodate two rows of clothes, clothes No matter how much you buy, don’t worry! Intimate corner post design, cleaning and cleaning is not a problem, with a textured appearance, suitable for all kinds of occasions, stylish gray and calm brown match, the beauty can highlight your unique taste. !

Product advantages:
  1. Reinforced alloy steel pipe, with an average load of about five kilograms, and the decoration is not deformed!

  2. Smooth mirror surface does not cut hands, hidden handles do not get stuck, good EZ!

  3. The cabinet has high corner posts, and the clean environment is convenient!

  4. A single draw of 30L can store more things, so don't worry about buying more!

  5. There are also fashionable gray and calm brown options, which are not conflicting when placed at home, beautiful and practical!

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