Drawer type plastic combination storage box


The things at home are always very messy, so you often […]

The things at home are always very messy, so you often look around for one thing, making your environment worse, and making you feel very troubled about the whole family. Do you have such troubles? Today, I will introduce a few very good storage boxes for you, so that you can put your clothes in a reasonable and orderly manner, keep your life away from clutter, and let you become a reasonable little expert at home.

Drawer type storage cabinet

This storage box is made of high-quality materials, green and environmentally friendly, and has no peculiar smell, so you can use it at ease. At the same time, the speculative surface is treated with resin, which is very easy to clean, making it easier for you to clean. At the same time, the drawer is very light and easy to draw.

Plastic lockers

This storage box drawer has a recessed handle on the outside, which makes it more convenient for you to pull. At the same time, the soft arc design effectively reduces the risk of injury when you collide, which is very intimate. A variety of color choices can be very well integrated into your home style.

Drawer storage box

This storage box is made of PP new material, safe to care for adults and children, high toughness, very durable, so you can use it for a very long time. At the same time, 4 sizes and specifications can be used very reasonably, making your room instantly bright and spacious.

Drawer storage cabinet

The children's cartoon printing pattern on this storage box will make your children like it very much, and it is very suitable for children's room. The thick design of copper recycling allows this storage cabinet to bear a weight of 300 kg, which is very resistant to pressure and fall, and is not easy to be damaged. It is very suitable for bear children.

Storage box storage box

The pattern on this storage box can be selected according to your own preferences and placed on the storage box. At the same time, you can create a variety of shapes according to your own needs and ideas. There are more shapes waiting for you To create.

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