How to assemble a four-layer assembly cabinet with a wooden roof


first step: The first step in assembling our simple woo […]

first step:
The first step in assembling our simple wooden wardrobe is the assembly of the cabinet body. We first lay down the left side panel of the wooden cabinet, and put screws on the holes with offset printing, and fix the back brace to the screws we just made. On the top, lock the lock handle, and then assemble the top plate, so that the sides and top of our wardrobe have a simple prototype, and then the bottom plate. Now the bottom plate is screwed, the corner strips are fixed, and then assembled. The bottom plate and the top plate we just made are combined together. In this way, the cabinet part of our wardrobe is presented in a relatively simple manner. The next step is to fix the back brace and the base. After all this is done, our simple wooden wardrobe is assembled. Even the outer part is complete.
The second step:
After finishing the cabinet part of the simple wooden cabinet, the next step is to assemble the pants rack and drawers. As shown in the picture above, the parts needed for the cabinets and drawers of our wardrobe are here. First, we put a screw on the sleeper drawer, install the side drawer, lock it with a two-in-one lock, and install the drawer. After putting in the bottom plate, lock the tail with self-tapping screws, and finally install sliding rails on the left and right sides of the drawer. In this way, our drawer style is formed. Then there is the trousers rack. First install the steel pipe on the trousers rack tail plate, and then screw the two breaks of the trousers rack, and then firmly fix the left and right side panels of the trousers rack to the two sides of the tail plate, so that the trousers rack is assembled. Now, the second step of assembling our simple wooden wardrobe is completed.

third step:
After assembling the cabinets, drawers, and trousers racks, most of our simple wooden wardrobe assembly work is completed. Next, I still need to assemble our dark cabinets. First select all the components needed for the dark cabinets. , Find out the side panel of the concealed cabinet, and put the screw on the side panel, install the brace, and lock the three-in-one lock handle, followed by the panel part of the concealed cabinet, first put the screw on the small brace, and don’t forget to install the small brace. And then lock the panel and the left and right side panels of the dark cabinet with three-in-one lock handles, and then screw the screws on the front stop bar, install and fix it on the front of the left and right side panels of the dark cabinet, here, the dark cabinet The part is completed, and the assembly of our simple wooden cabinet is almost complete.
the fourth step:
The fourth and final step of today's simple wooden cabinet assembly is the installation of the simple wooden wardrobe assembly door. First, we put the middle door hinge on the door panel and lock it with self-tapping screws, and then mark all the door panels. In the middle door hinge, all the wooden doors of the wardrobe are fixed to the wardrobe with self-tapping screws, and then the door handle is installed on the door panel with the handle self-tapping screws. Here, the first door of our simple wooden wardrobe is completed. Then, in the same way, the other two doors are firmly fixed to our wardrobe cabinet. After fixing, our wardrobe is completely formed.
Step 5: Assemble the cabinets, drawers, trousers racks, and dark cabinets, and our wardrobe has been shaped. Finally, what we have to do is check to see how our simple wooden wardrobe is assembled. Pull the drawers , Check if the drawer pulley needs to be adjusted, and then check the fixing of each screw, if there are screws that are not tightened, or some places that need to be reinforced are not reinforced, just reinforce them. If all this is okay, then our simple wooden wardrobe The assembly is officially completed.

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