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What's better than a Home BOOT TRAY? It is the best inv […]

What's better than a Home BOOT TRAY? It is the best investment on the market when it comes to keeping your floor nice and clean! Whether it is an office, school or home, having a home boot treatment system can make all the difference. The boot trays come in a variety of styles from flat surface to deep to make a custom fit for your home and/or business! These are easy to use and offer great results.

Muffin Home Boot Tray Black - Boot trays offer the ultimate in cleanliness and hygiene. They are made from rubber and provide slip resistance for your kids. This tough, durable mat only has to be wiped clean with a sponge to look as great as new. Home BOOT TRAY - Made from heavy duty, industrial-grade metal, these durable boots will stand up to even the toughest abuse. Made for nine months or more, the xLS series of boots includes three pairs of footwear in varying sizes. The larger size shoe has a suede upper and a nubuck outsole. The smaller, more petite sized shoe has a soft leather upper and a nubuck outsole. Each pair has a zip out tongue and a slip resistant rubberized sole. The xLS is suitable for rooms of any size because it is a perfect fit.

PETMAT Boot TRAY - This style of BOOT TRAY contains a patented rubber construction which will stand up to heavy use. The uppers are lightweight and waterproof so they can be used in any condition. A rubber foot bumper adds additional support and the rubber construction supports the entire boot for ultimate durability.

PETMAT quick Change Floor Booths - The all-weather surface of this BOOT TRAY model is designed to work as fast as the ground. Made of waterproof rubber, the surface of the Big Tex helps trap heat and moisture so your feet stay dry and clean. The patented Quick Change Footwear system allows the user to change the front part of the boot without removing the entire boot. Each pair of Big Tex Booth boots comes with a self-adhesive, non-skid vinyl padlock which provides a strong and safe closure. The padlock doubles as a handy tool holder, keeping your hands free for other important things.

PETMAT Shoes BOOT TRAY "Big C" - The boot tray in these shoes has a thick, protective, puncture resistant design that will protect your feet from the ground. The "Big C" has a rubber construction that allows it to remain on the floor against accidental bumps and turns. The outsole and heel are designed with a dual action sole, meaning they move in a slightly different direction than the laces. These shoes are designed for wear on either your go-to style sandal or on your everyday street shoes. They're also great for wear around the house because they can slip easily into dress or casual clothes for easy dressing. For ultimate comfort, choose from several different bold colors.

This pair of boots have a slip resistant rubber sole and are also made with a soft durable uppers. The inside of the boot tray is lined with breathable mesh for a snug fit. There is a rubber footbed with arch supports for a comfortable fit and the outsole features arch bars to provide maximum traction on all types of surfaces. This pair of boots is great for both work and play and are sure to keep your feet dry, clean and your mud covered.

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