Application of child safety seats in automobiles


The car child safety seat is also called the Child Rest […]

The car child safety seat is also called the Child Restraint System (CRS). It is a seat designed for children of different ages (or weight), installed in the car, and can effectively improve the safety of children in the car. The European regulation ECE R44/03 defines a child safety seat as a child safety protection system that can be fixed to a motor vehicle and consists of a seat belt assembly or flexible part with a buckle, an adjustment mechanism, and accessories. It can be combined with additional devices such as a portable crib, baby carrier, auxiliary seat or collision protection.

In the case of a car collision or sudden deceleration, the impact on the children is slowed down and the children's body movement is restricted to reduce their injuries and ensure the safety of the children in the car.

The safety system for protecting children can work independently from the seat belt, and the installation of the child seat is also very simple, reducing the possibility of incorrect use of the child seat, thereby providing better safety guarantee for children riding.

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