5 Types of Container Storage


A: Many people use a small plastic storage box to store […]

A: Many people use a small plastic storage box to store personal belongings and seasonal items. A small storage box can be used in many different ways depending on the size of the box. The most common use is to store goods in a dry and clean area so they do not get damaged or scratched. A box will also protect these goods from being stolen because they cannot be put in your house or car. The best place to store items safely is under the bed in the garage.

B: Small plastic storage bins are also a good way to safely store items in a dry, clean and safe location. These storage bins can be used as additional storage units in your home, apartment or condo. This type of storage container is usually only used for a certain item and once it is no longer in use, just remove the storage box from its location and replace it with another one. Many people choose to use storage bins for keeping their lawn mowers, bikes and other garden equipment. These items will usually need to be stored at least two to three months out of the year.

C: There are 12 simple storage solutions for small spaces. They are mini storage boxes that fit inside regular kitchen cabinets. This type of box will offer a lot of space for organizing your belongings. You can store your pots and pans in this type of box so they are easily accessible and you will have enough room to store all of your plates and silverware. You will also have the room available to keep your small children's toys in this box as well.

D: Medium sized plastic storage boxes that fit inside regular size cabinets are called chest packs. These chest packs usually measure 18 inches wide and long. These are the perfect size for storing seasonal items. Smaller chest packs that measure about twelve inches wide and long are available in different sizes. Both of these chest packs are great for storing seasonal things in your home.

E: A simple solution is a garage storage rack. You will find that there is a metal storage rack that fits inside most homes and garages. It will have a top shelf or two to store small decorative items. Other racks on the market are made of heavy duty plastic and measure about eighteen inches wide and long. The racks can easily store books, DVD's, CD's, stationery, art supplies and more.

F: A large storage bin that hangs on a wall is another way to store your seasonal items. You can store gardening tools, Christmas trees and more. You will find that wall mounts are easy to install and are ideal for garages and homes with limited space. When you use wall mounts you will need an extension cord so that you can hang the bin from the ceiling.

G: Plastic storage bins are very versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways. There are larger plastic storage bins that can store a lot of items. Then there are smaller storage boxes that can be used to store seasonal items such as table cloths, linens and towels. Many people use the smaller plastic storage bins to store family photo's so that they do not have to throw out old frames. You will also find that these storage boxes make great boxes for storing Christmas presents.

H: Food storage solutions are available in stainless steel containers. These containers are ideal because they require little effort in order to clean. You will find that stainless steel containers can store a variety of items such as canned goods, boxed soups, frozen foods, snacks and more. When using these containers you will need special lids that are designed to keep foods from spoiling.

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